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Our aim to simplify manufacturing and make it more accessible and data-driven. To make it happen, we are building a cloud platform with a distributed manufacturing network that helps companies manufacture parts at the right cost, with high predictability and low risk and also simplify their supply chain.
We experienced the problem of product designers, engineers and procurement officers that it is too difficult and time-consuming to find the most optimal solution for their need of part manufacturing. They spend days sending the RFQs, waiting for feedback, discussing feasibility for productions. Also, given the number of processes, materials available, and suppliers available engineers are not always fully aware of complete manufacturing know-how and Total cost of manufacturing (including risk analysis). The entire process is inefficient and slow, reducing the turnaround time and leads to poor inventory management.

Our platform is cloud software where A user has to login to our platform and upload the design. The software looks at design, uses proprietary manufacturing algorithms to provide instant costing, turnaround time and feasibility analysis. This computation is done simultaneously for various materials and processes, which otherwise (manually) takes 2 - 48 hours, sometimes more. Customer can also place the order of manufacturing through the platform. Once confirmed, Chizel receives the order and takes complete responsibility to get the part manufactured through our manufacturing partners, ensure quality and deliver it to the customer right at their doorstep. The entire manufacturing workflow can be tracked and managed through a single dashboard.

Our long term vision is to continually make a world digitalized and more efficient and augmenting man-machine interactions.
For now, we are more focused on improving this workflow and interaction between manufacturing machines and engineers, procurement managers. Anything in between this, we aim to automate.


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Office No: 201, 202 Prithvi Icon Behind Volvo Showroom (Near Radha Chowk, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045


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